This planet currently falls under Gammetan rule/control.
AS-A3-G14 3040-09 (Fetrodasa IX)

The Hydephiilo Galaxy

Galactic sector

NW D14

Solar system

AS-A3-D14 3040


AS-A3-D14 3040

Surface gravity

1.000012 x Earth's



Population 91,645,840,562
Prominent cities






AS-A3-D14 03040-09, named Fetrodasa IX, is the capital planet of the Gammetan Civilization. It is a terran planet, and was colonized on the 23rd of January, 2010. The Capital, Capita, is in UCT +7.

Strategic ValueEdit

Shield GeneratorsEdit

There are about 25 shield generators on the surface of Fetrodasa IX, which when used in unity, cover the whole planet. They can shift power to each other using an advanced system which transmits energy on a unique frequency. This frequency however can be distrubted easily if the right technology is used. They can "Transport" power between each other, say if one shield gets depleted, power can be transmitted from all the other shield generators so that one area is not open to fire. As the shield gets to about 5% it begins to "flash". This means the shield has little periods where the shield blinks on and off, usually about 1 every second for about 0.1 seconds, thereby letting projectiles or ordinance in.


Photon Surface to Air Warheads (LV-ZZ Photon Warhead 0.9)Edit

This weapon is very powerful and is placed dependent on the population. There is about 40 under-ground silos and 10 ground platforms. Used for heavy assault in orbit. This can heavily effect the outcome of a space battle. They are all capable of firing and loading 1 heavy photon warhead every 5 minutes. They are also capable of launching Photon Hyperspace Warheads (PHW/FW) which can enter hyperspace then drop out near the target in order for planet-planet assault. The same launch values apply to the PHWs as to the Photon Surface to Air Warheads.

Plama Advanced Beam Array (PABA)Edit

There are 4 of these weapons stationed around the planet on the equator, they all have 7 nodes capable of generating an awesome amount of firepower. The nodes launch a beam to a point which drives into the other beams, that then creates one big beam capable of taking out a ship of the equivalence to the Bly Machine in 4 shots. They can recharge and fire again after 4 minutes.

Light Photon Rail DefensesEdit

These are all stationed dependent on population, however, there must be at least one for every village or settlement. There are about 20,000 of these stationed around Fetrodasa IX and are capable of taking out strike craft in a medium-long range fight. They also emit frequencies to slowly disrupt shields which makes landing an invasion force via shuttle nearly impossible, even if they could find a clear area. They are not capable of penetrating the atmosphere.