AS-A3-D14 3040-07 (Fetrodasa VII)

The Hydephilio Galaxy

Galactic sector

NW D14

Solar system

AS-A3-D14 3040

Orbital position



Da sun

Surface gravity





0 (Extinct)

Prominent cities

1 (Abandoned/Ruins)

Fetrodasa VII was bizarre to say the absolute least. From afar it looked like nothing was there. Like a black hole. Once one were to get closer, they would most likely notice an ancient ship floating around it. The planet was covered in an ocean of thick, black Liquid. There were, however, occasional spots of extremely hard, gray rock. The sky was grayish, day and night. There was a single temple, and extremely small city on the planet. The city, along with the ship was impossible to get to, unless one were to solve the mysteries set in the temple. The temple had spoke of an ancient race that once inhabited this strange world. The race that once lived on this planet were known as the Utiant. They had built a ship containing "the secrets of the universe", and were to send it to another planet, known as Turlarinoat, where combined with another ship, would create something of unknown origin. Sadly, the text in the temple was destroyed, thus what it was is unknown. The temple states that if one were to be able to get to the core of the planet, they would discover "something that would astonish the gods". Sadly, this bit of information was also destroyed. Whether or not this was just extremely bad luck, or it was done intentionally is not known. The name of the ship in orbit, "Teronk Tonelatin", literally translates to "Messenger of the universe". What happened to the race that caused them to become extinct is also not known. It is believed by some that the untimely death of the race, and the destruction of the valuable text was done by an enemy that didn't want them to spread such knowledge.