'Battle of Tenon Colony'

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Battle on Argetho VII

Concurrent None

Battle on Arges III






Tenon Colony


Blydonia & Wolf's victory


The Empire of Drakonia

  • Drakon
  • Admiral Girom
  • Beacon
  • Radiant
  • Defiant
  • Bly Machine
  • Valiant Battle Group

Many Drakonian Ships

  • Major damage to Yulairian ships
  • Minor damage to the Bly Machine, many fighters
  • Almost all ships
  • The Colony

"Apokoliptica! All forces in sector 5.12, retreat! I repeat, all forces in--*Explosion*"
"Sir! The main starboard engine's been hit, and we've lost all of our maneuvering engines!"
Wolf and a technician

The Battle of Tenon Colony was a massive battle consisting of the Yulair Navy, Bly's Fleet and the Imperial Celestial Navy. The end outcome was the minor victory of The Yulairian Alliance. Both sides took massive damage, and Wolf's flagship, the Radiant, was heavily damaged. The Bly Machine took minor damages. During the battle, Wolf's flagship, the Radiant, took massive damage to the main right engine, causing it to go barreling towards the colony, and crashing in a small hanger. Drakonian forces over ran the ship and captured Wolf. Bly, however, soon rescued him when he was sent to a Kortorisan convoy, unconscious. The Radiant was recovered and in repairs for 7 weeks. The main cause of the attack was that "Drakon was too powerful", as Bly had said. Wolf had agreed. The two joined forces and launched an all out attack.

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The Bly Machine ripping apart the station in orbit.

The Radiant, with it's high maneuverability, was able to take out Drakonian ship's bridges with a few shots from a beam cannon without being too heavily damaged.

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The Radiant flying over the top of a Fearless-Class Carrier

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A heavily damaged Fearless on a collision course for another ship.

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Another view of the doomed Fearless.

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The Bly Machine after firing it's bow cannon on the Apokoliptica.

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The Bly Machine overlooks a crippled station.

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A firefight between ships.

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Yet another firefight.

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And another.

The attack was successful until an Apokoliptica-Class Battleship had come in as reinforcements.

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An Apokoliptica exits Astral Space.

Tenon Colony itself was partly destroyed by the Bly Machine's superlaser. The colony was soon abandoned.