'The Battle at The Appearence Boost Gate'

Battle of Teredona I Space Base

Concurrent None

Battle over Nolon Prime


War: TEC V KBY Joined Forces




Over Teredona I.


First Boost Gate of Appearence is destroyed

Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition Techia
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta


Colonel, the commander.

Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
50 Kodiaks
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
70 Cobalts
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
2 Battleships

No military forces, but the Boost Gate



The Boost Gate

"This is Commander Lichum of the TEC battlefleet. We demand you surrender at once."
"Sir! Their firing on us!"
– Commander Lichum to the Commander, followed by a boost gate officer, of the Boost gate just before firing


It's 1 Week into the TEC-KBY Alliance War. The TEC have lost Teredona I to the Kortorisans. The TEC Commander-in-chief was planning on a less direct approach, to destroy the Kortorisan's trade routes, communications etc.


The battle started at 2:55pm (EST) when the TEC fleet dropped out of phase space and demanded the enemy surrender. They found the boost gate through piracy. Of corse, the Kortorisans did not then raised their shields. Just before they could, some TEC lasers and AutoCannons got through, luckily, they hit no critical systems. In an attempt to hail Kortoris, Emperor Krion hailed Kris. Emperor Krion had detected the TEC fleet around the boost gate and offered Kris assistance. Kris, though, didn't know what Emperor Krion was talking about, never mind who he was. He then though that maybe this was who kept calling him, he was however wrong, he gave him some abuse for all the calls: "I'll get my mom on you!" and hung up.
In this time, the commander of the gate had sent a message to Fedtrodasa IX, who had dispatched 1 Frigate-I, another Frigate-II, and 2 Battleships and the shields were at 90%.The Radiant then dropped out of hyperspace near the boost gate. TEC ships immediately began firing on it and damaged the hull and some critical systems, including hyperdrive maneuvering. So the Radiant entered hyperspace towards a Black Hole.
Next, 4 Orgov torpedo cruisers dropped out of phase space. It was 3:01 (EST) by this time, and they began firing medium salvos onto the boost gate, severely damaging the shields. The shields were at 75% (3:03pm EST) and the Radiant had dropped out of hyperspace at the Block Hole and ran into a Drakonian Fleet. They had a little chat, some negotiating here or there. Concurently (3:06pm EST), the shields were down to 20% due to heavy bombuardement from the Orgovs, so the Commander ordered an immediate evacuation via escape pods.
The escape pods were prepped and so were the personel, the commander said he would stay with the ship and his officer look over the crew when he's gone. He ordered the pods be launched immediately
All the pods launched from the base and were shot down almost immediately. After the pods left, the gate blew up and the TEC begun shooting the debris. As the station gets destroyed, the Task Force drop out of hyperspace in the void between the two galaxies (9/15ths from Hydephiilo). The single Mk II heads for The Appearence via Inter-galactic drive, and the rest of the ships head back to the Hydephiilan boost gate.
At the same time, the Drakonian TF has all it's guns pointing at the Radiant, and then it's cloaked malfunction due to Black Hole interference...