This article has been nominated for deletion for <Your reason here>.
Please contribute to the discussion by sharing your thoughts on this article's entry on the articles for deletion page.
Do not feel discouraged to continue editing this article, though note your contributions will be deleted unless the article is sufficiently defended.

Pages in this category have been labelled for deletion. If you wish to discuss the deletion of these pages, please use the talk page. To add an article to this category, type the following:

|reason=<Your reason here>
|expire=<when the vote will expire>
|outcome=<what will happen if no votes are cast>
|against=<put four tides to vote against deleting. Make sure you put <br/> at the end.>
|for=<put four tides to vote to delete it>}}

Expiration periods should be a month for average articles, two months for major articles and two weeks for small minor articles.

If a vote fails, a double buffer time is needed before the next discussion can be raised. I.e, if an average article deletion vote failed, and the article was kept, one cannot place the article as a candidate of deletion for another two months. This is to ensure people do not consistently have to place votes on articles that do not want to be deleted.

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