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This page is for major events and battles in order of date.

November '09Edit

December '09Edit

January '10Edit

February '10Edit

March '10Edit

  • Kortorisa changed it's name to Gammeta
  • A Rift opens at Tenon Colony
  • The Ichiri Universe is found, and the Ichiri are revealed as the mysterious race.
  • The Strog invade.
  • Bly is captured by the Ichiri, and the rift closes.
  • Bly is rescued by Wolf, and all rifts to the Ichiri Universe are permanetly closed.
  • Bly has BlyDonia destroyed by Naga Krion as he no longer wants to control it.

April '10Edit

May '10Edit

  • The Ichiri invade the Appearance
  • Aer-May comes back
  • The Ichiri are driven from the galaxy, but a large fleet, along with a Descendent flagship remain.

June '10Edit

  • A war nearly breaks out between Drakonia and Yulair for a second time
  • The Alsoras war breaks out.
  • Bly resigns as Supreme Leader of BlyDonia, and takes the Bly Machine. He joins the Tournan Empire.