There are many Galaxy types in The Appearance Universe (Realms), these are all chosen by their visual and phyical state.

Core typesEdit

There are 4 different core types, including broad, and normal.


A normal core is just one with a cluster of planets in an almost perfect circle.


A broad core is more of an oval than a circle, the placement of bodies seems to be streched almost.

Spore shapedEdit

A Spore Shaped can be any shape with random clusters of planets coming from the core, making the shape seem circle, but with random blobs coming off it.


Irregular cores are just any cores other than the ones stated, these have not yet been classified.

Outer typesEdit

Outer types are the other parts from the core types, if that makes sence...


A circle is just a cluster of planets that surrounds the core and planets never connect to it.
Galaxy Types

Galaxy Outer types.


An Arc/Segment is just a part of the Circle been cut off, semi-circles come into this class. It's basically a shape that doesn't form a circle around the core without touching it.

Weak SpiralEdit

A Weak spiral has arms that come off from the core. They do no bend as much as a Heavy Spiral.

Heavy SpiralEdit

A Heavy spiral is just one that bends alot more than a weak spiral.

Breaking SegmentEdit

This is just a segment with an irregular break in it.

LSH ArmEdit

An LSH Arm is a Line-Spiral arm, it is a straight line coming from the core then viciously turning into a spiral.


A Line is just a line of bodies coming out of the core and heading straight out. These are very uncommon.


Dots are just a group of bodies that form a shape near to being a circle and not touching the core.