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Kortorisa Frigate MkI BP-UW
Gammetan Frigate Mk I

Mechal Production Industries



Length 200m
Width 123m
Height 36m


Hull Trinium.
  • Long Range: 52 Light Years
  • Short Range: 94km
Targeting system

AG-F Korto Light Targetting Systems 4.2

Other systems
  • EnI Beaming Generator
  • Ring Transporters
  • Anti-Anti-Hyperdrive Module 1.5-2.1
  • Kremin's Anti-Stealth Field VII

Gammetan Naquadah Generator


50 Humans



  • 30 damage control
  • 3 navigation
  • 5 weaponary
  • 1 commander
  • 1 engine control
  • 2 advisors
  • 2 hyperdrive control
  • 1 cargo oversee

The Kortorisan Frigate Mk Is were the first ever warship built by the Kortorisans. They are multi-purposed and quite advanced for a first.

Ship ListEdit

  • The Kronus. Built on 12/12/2009, 10:12pm GMT +0 (Colonel Kronus)
  • The Tylone. Built on 12/12/2009, 10:32pm GMT +0 (Colonel Tylone)
  • The Graeatus. Built on 15/12/2009, 5:34am GMT +0 (Colonel Graeatus)
  • The Jease. Built on 24/12/2009, 00:21am GMT +0 (Colonel Optimau)
  • The Wetrapuur. Built on 27/12/2009, 1:05pm GMT +0 (Colonel Taxernal)
Kortorisa Frigate MkI BP

Blue Prints: Kortorisan Frigate MkI


This ship was origonally designed for recon and exploration. It's light properties would give it an advantage in a hit & run situation or something where it needed to escape fast, also, the hyperdrive exceeds most ship's so an anti-hyperdrive module would have to be quickly activated if they wanted to capture it. But once the Kortorisans realised that they would need something much more than just for recon and exploration, they decided to build many weapons systems and defencive systems onto it. Soon the idea of making it more of a heavy frigate came into plan, but they turned back to a light frigate when they realized they could have an advantage in battle from a small ship; they could do fighter runs and such on bigger ships, maybe try to confuse it a little.


The ship has many extra systems for most tactical situations.

Beaming SystemEdit

This is an alternation to the ring transporters. The advantage of this is that it does not need nodes to transport from or to, it has a long range, it is near instant and hard to hear or see. The Disadvantage of this is that it uses alot of power and can have some negative effects on the cargo.

Ring TransportersEdit

This model uses a ring transporter, one of a more commonly used system by the Kortorisan nation. The idea was taken from the Goa'uld, which was taken the from the Ancients. It makes for a good transporting ship as they can hyperspace to a destination, ring their cargo, then hyperspace out.

Anti-Anti-Hyperdrive Module 1.5-2.1Edit

The ship is equipt with an Anti-Anti-Hyperdrive Module. Basically, it utilizes a field around the ship that protect it from anti-hyperdreive waves, transmitted on freqs. of 1.5 to 2.1, so is not affected by them. The ship is, however, not protected from any other frequencies. When this module is online it takes up about 10% of the ships power, and when active, 40%, so they must use it only when very necassery.

Kremin's Anti-Stealth Field VIIEdit

This module distrupts the stealth field around any ship within a 500km radius, it can be very effective when in recon, as it takes almost no power (0.2%) and can't be spotted without this frigate spotting the... spotter (?).