Gammetan 9th Corps Space Soldier (K9CSS)
Physical Information



Space-safe protective armor 1.0p

  • Trinium & Turbium


Class Information

Nearly All Purpose


Front Line Infantry


Varied Gammetan Weaponary.

Other Info
  • Space-Soldier armor
  • Capable of passing through most shields
  • Sevral jets for advanced space movement
  • Magnetizing shoes
Extra Info
Distribution date


Closing date

Not yet.

Destribution place


Army corps

9th Corps

Divi. Reg. Battalion


The Gammetan Space Soldier served in the 9th corps military. It's origonal idea was stolen the TEC, they had them distributed during space battles in order for debri search and boarding enemy ships.

Magnetizing ShoesEdit

The magnetizing shoes are located on the foot... They can easily magnetize to anything within a range of 1m, and anything!

The JetsEdit

The jets can be set to either space movement, or atmospherical movement, when in atmosphere, they can adapt with advanced Gammetan sensor tech.


The only weakness is their energy tanks. These supply infinite energy and distribute food, water and oxygen when needed througout the body. Should this connection be seavered, death is triggered as an instantanious. A small patch is contained within the tube near to where it penetrates the skin, so that the soldier can get a virus transplanted to kill him, this can also be manually triggered, it is so the soldier does not die of oxygen starvation, this can also be switched off before hand, obviosuly. The tank is contained in an option of places depending on the soldier's choice, there are holders on the left and right leg on the outside, on the right hand, on the uppper-left back or on the left or right bicep or tricep.


9th CorpsEdit