HelAux Fighter 15 (XV)
KF 15 1
Official name

HelAux Fighter, version fifteen

Other titles

F15, HelAux F15, KF15, HF15.



Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
Active, in service
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization BlyDonian Civilization

Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta

HelAux F14


HelAux F16




Novemeber 2009

Last production

February 2010

Destroyed in combat

45 (Kortorisan-TEC war)


4.5 m


1.5 m

Wing span

6 m

Ejection system

Ejection seat

Hull material

Trinium Turbide

Shield name


Alternate passive protection system

Missile defense




Turbo Naqaudah EF battery


one pilot, one optional gunner.


2 Recall Ionised Naquadah Cs

FTL drive



Two AX-EE Photon Cannons 1.5, two PH-TO Class Missile launchers

KF 15 5

A KF-15 Cartoon

The HelAux F15, sometimes KF-15 or HAF-15, but mainly F16 for short) was a jet fighter craft designed by HelAux and operated by the Gammetan Civilization starting November 2009 as a new fighter for their settlement and war against the TEC.

Generally, it was a powerful fighter against TEC forces in the two wars, however with HelAux booming in early 2010, a new fighter was designed as a successor, the HelAux F16. The last fighter was scuttled for it's parts on March 3rd 2010.

One year later on March 1st 2011, HelAux offered the designs of the HelAux F15 to the BlyDonian Civilization for a sum of money. They accepted on the same day. The Gammetan government mildly opposed the proposition, however most backup HelAux saying it's an old model anyway, regardless of the little power difference between the new one.

Other namesEdit

Other names included:

  • F-15
  • HelAux-15
  • HelAux Fighter-15 (Most common)
  • HAF-15 (Most common)
  • KF-15
  • GF-15
  • Gammetan Fighter-15
  • Kortorisan Fighter-15

More designated terms include HelAux, Fighter, 15, Gammetan etc.



The engines use Ionoised technology to further boost efficiency. They also use Naquadah which emits no pollution of any type (other than noise). Naquadah combined with Recall (The Element) allows for stable high-altitude fighting. It also improves ground performance. Although this fighter works exceptionally at low altitudes (50m?), it's engines are optimized and designed for space interception.


AX-EE Photon Cannons 1.5Edit

This weapon is suited for light combat. It generally suits to fight low-hulled small strike craft, although works somewhat against strong hull. It's range is also short (~1500m) as the Gatalon projectile expires shortly, making the fighter inefficient for long-range hits.

PH-TO Class Missile launchersEdit

They suit for massive bursts in order to bypass missile defenses on potentially heavily armed ships. They work very well at both bombing and intercepting as they have advanced Radar and Gamar technology. When the Gamar detects projectiles or ordinance flying near it, a program previously installed in the F-11 model allows it to dodge the projectile. It is also O-class, which includes light and versatile manoeuvering. They also have advanced programing to overcome any obsticles that the target can pass and the rocket cannot. Say if the fighter had anti-shield technology and the missile did not, it would quickly use Radar and Gamar to find any other entrances in order to get onto the fighter, or it would use it's fast engines to go to the exit of whatever the fighter is in then hit the target when it can.

Inertial dampnersEdit

The Intertial dampners on this fighter account for 97% of the gravity, allowing for a stable and accurate fire.

HelAux F15 Formation 1

5 Forest-class F15s in their formation.


Formations generally come in groups of 5, stacked up in attacking formations. Their hardpoints make them vulnerable from the side and top, so should they come under attack from them flanks, they would scatter and try to go head on, behind or infront of the enemy, never so that their flying at them from the top or side.


There are 4 main classes:

  • Forest-class
  • Space-class
  • Covert-class
  • Standard


The Forest-class is best suited for land assault, as it is armed with higher class rockets and advanced manoeuvering engines. They also have skin which can be disguised into greenery. Added to that; they have radar jamming technology (to a certain leve).


Space-class is designed for space (obviously) and therefore has heavier rockets and long range cannons. It is generally black to disguise into the background, and uses an alternate engine fluid so that the engine trail is dark.


The Covert-class is optimized for short-term reconnaissance, as it has a cloaking generator. The cloaking generator, though, can only last 5 minutes on a standard battery, so they installed a Turbo-EX backup. Now it can lasts ~40 minutes and runs off the Turbo-EX alone.

KF 15 2

A Standard-class HelAux F15.


The Standard class is the one that is described in the table, standard everything and optimized for short-range combat.