The Imperial Celestial Navy, or ICN, is the space navy of The Empire of Drakonia. It is a rather large navy, controlling much territory. Anthem: [1]

Organization and TacticsEdit

Star Admiral Sagros controls the entire navy.


(Lowest to highest)


  • Ensign 5th class (Rank held while in training)
  • Ensign 4th Class
  • Ensign 3rd class
  • Ensign 2nd class
  • Ensign 1st class
  • Petty Officer 3rd class
  • Petty Officer 2nd class
  • Petty Officer 1st class
  • Warrant Officer 2nd class
  • Warrant Officer 1st class
  • Chief Warrant Officer 2nd class
  • Cheif Warrant Officer 1st class
  • Sub-Altern 2nd Class
  • Sub-Altern 1st Class
  • Altern


  • Sub-Lieutenant 2nd class
  • Sub-Lieutenant 1st class
  • Lieutenant 3rd class
  • Lieutenant 2nd class
  • Lieutenant 1st class
  • Lieutenant Commander 2nd class
  • Lieutenant Commander 1st class
  • Commander 3rd class
  • Commander 2nd class
  • Commander 1st class
  • Captain 2nd class
  • Captain 1st class
  • Commodore 2nd class
  • Commodore 1st class
  • Rear Admiral
  • Vice Admiral 2nd class
  • Vice Admiral 1st class
  • Admiral
  • Admiral of the Navy
  • Fleet Admiral
  • Star Admiral (Most famously, but not anymore, Star Admiral Ming)


The ICN wears similar uniforms to other military branches, such as the Imperial Drakonian Army. The main differences lie in the lack of helmets, and silver epaulets on the trench coats. Additionally, the uniform is typically unarmored since ICN personnel have little need for it.

Weapon DesignationsEdit


Caliber in mm - type - # per turret

  • Types
    • H= Heavy, mainly for taking out enemy ships, fires every 30 seconds or so
    • D = Dual purpose, RoF varies, engages strike craft and enemy ships
    • A = Anti-strike craft and missiles, high RoF

Ship DesignationsEdit

This precedes two numbers, one for the ship within the fleet and the fleet's number (e.g. BB-2237-11 is a battleship in the 11th fleet). Classes of ship in service are under each ship type. If no classes are listed, then the ships are referred to by designation. The purposes/design of each type should be apparent, if it isn't, feel free to contact User:Naga Krion.


  • Tanker: AT
  • Ammunition: AA
  • Supply/Cargo (not landing ships): AS
  • Medical: AM
  • Repair: AR
  • Rescue: AX

Capital ShipsEdit

  • Dreadnought: DX
    • Nyarlathotep (limited production)
    • Armageddon
    • Remorseless
  • Super Battleship: SB
    • Iron Fist
    • Blade of Unwavering Steel
  • Battleship: BB
    • Abyss
    • Hresvelgr
    • Leipzig
  • Battlecruiser (Battleship armament, less armor and more speed): BC
    • Rapture
    • Glorious
  • Pocket Battleship (Cruiser armament, battleship armor and speed): BP
    • Ipscilion
    • Winter Sun


  • Fleet/Heavy Carrier: CV
    • Naglfar
    • Leviathan (Formerly the Rising Moon's Ming-class, but since renamed for obvious reasons)
    • Muspellheim
  • Medium Carrier: CM
    • Scythe
    • Arrow
  • Light/Escort Carrier: CE
    • Zenith
    • Oct


  • Escort(Anti-strike-craft) Cruiser: CA
    • Basilisk
    • Azathoth
  • Heavy Cruiser: CH
    • Alhazred
  • Light Cruiser: CL
    • Mu
    • Hastur
    • Yggdrasil


  • Destroyer: DD
  • Light Destroyer: DL


  • Frigate: F
  • Minesweeper: MS
  • Minelayer: ML
  • Corvette: CC
  • Command Ship (Rarely used): CD
  • Infantry Transport: TI
  • Vehicle Transport: TV
  • General/Misc. Transport: T
  • Logistical/Supply Transport: TL
  • Gunboat: G

General Ship SpecificationsEdit

Drakonian ships are the most "Earth-realistic" of the major navies. Most of the crew of each ship are Automata. Drakonian ships have excellent armor and railguns, however lasers are rarely used and shields are rather weak. The shields operate by diffusing the laser energy with magnetic interference, and excel against lasers, but are powerless against railguns and other projectile weapons. Recently, large capital ships have been fitted with shields that can block solid projectiles as well, reducing the focus on jamming and missile defense. Aetherium, annihilated in giant steam reactors, is the primary fuel source.



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