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The Kortorisan Civilization & The TEC Nation

Peace Treaty between The TEC, Kortorisa and Yulair

Peace after War



Finishing Date

1/15/2011 (Treaty Broken) 1/20/2010. Immediate declaration of War


Station, Neutral space

Accepted Terms
  • 500,000c Kortorisan→TEC per year.
  • Cease fire Kortorisan & Yulair→TEC and supporting planets
  • 250,000c Yulair→TEC per year
  • Cease fire to TEC–Yulair & Kortorisa and supporting planets
  • 500kg Turbium to TEC→Kortorisa per year
  • 50kg Turbiumm to TEC→Yulair
  • TEC be disallowed to grow their national empire.
  • TEC Ship limit:
    • 50 Cobalts
    • 15 LRMs
    • 2 Sieges
    • 4 AFs
    • 14 Kodiaks
    • 5 Capital Ships
    • 15 Drone ships
  • 7 Cobalts TEC→Yulair, stripped optional.


"How is this going to end..." [[The Battle of Argetho VII|(Chatlog)]]

At the first stages the war, the Kortorisans thought that war was necassery. May I just inform you it is not because of propaganda. But soon enough, a peace treaty was becoming more popular between TEC and Kortorisan civilians since they made new war acts and such. The Supreme Chancellor knew this, he thought to weaken them enough before peace became compulsory on Kortorisa IV.

In the mid stages of the war, when Yulair joined the fight, the Kortorisan Civilians became more and more anti-warmongeristic. The fact that Yulair joined the fight just boosted their attitude. Eventually the Kortorisans decided to tone the war down to signal the idea of a peace treaty of some sort.

The peace treatyEdit

Soon enough, the 15th of January, 2010, The Kortorisan Civilization, Yulair and TEC decided to begin negotiating peace, and it was a short session....

Sum-up Overview of QuotesEdit

"May I just remind you, the guards need to be un-armed
*Wolf blinks*"
Kortorisan Diplomacy Officer along with Wolf during the first contact between Heroi Krane
"They should really add padding to these shuttles."
Wolf while Heroi Krane is being thrown around by Gs
*Wolf tosses a vial containing Nova*
Heroi: What be this for?
Wolf: Kortorisa and Yulair are allied, are they not?
Heroi: Yeah, but this is not a Kortorisan - Yulair trade negotiation....
Wolf trading with The Kortorisan Civilization during the peace treaty

Wolf: Wreckage may be falling into the atmosphere...and damaging cities and whatnot
TEC diplomacy Officer: I'm sure your advanced shields can handle it
*Heroi frowns at the diplomat*
—A sample of the vast negotiations...

Wolf: [...]If not for the traveller's sake, then for Kortorisa's.
Kortoris: The who?"
Wolf: Whoever may come and go--wa--when did you get here?
Kortoris:...I've been here a while...
Wolf: Oh...
...Just...Not in this room
Heroi: Yes. Kortoris gets hungry at very unvalid times...-
TEC Diplomat: Anyways...
—The negotiations after Kortoris returns from the cantine

Heroi: Wolf, do you request Turbium?
Wolf: I'de have to say no...But...-
TEC Diplomat: Ahem. Next term.
Wolf being indecisive...

"That went well..."
"I hate the TEC..."
Wolf and Kortoris after the negotiations