Magnu Coporation is a group of businesses and industries that combined to form a corporation that manufactures many technologies


Magnu started when 2 businesses, Julan's Local and Uomas' Electronics, were underground unlimited sole traders, they had lots of good ideas but no way to market & advertise them as they could not earn bonus money from their current income to expand. When the Laalor Advertisement Market (LAM) offered advertisement sales to Julan's Local, they accepted the offer and although they were in big, they were optimistic. After about 1 month of being with LAM, Julan's Local was finally making bonus money, and had made a good business relationship with Uoma's Electronics, as they made alot of advanced electronics, and Julan's Local sold other businesses technology. Then in the 4th month, the LAM, Julan's Local, and Uoma's Electronics formed a corporation and named it Magnu's Coporations: Uoma's Electronics constructed the products; Julan's Local sold it and LAM kept marketing high. By this time Julan's Local was out of debt towards the LAM, and they were all on high income.

They picked up two more businesses over the next year (326 days), Protus Productions and Maeia, both near-underground sole traders, and included them into the fairly new corporation. This raised their income even more.

After 3 years, many more businesses had joined and shield technology had become more and more popular, even amoung civilian population. The Corporation made lots of income, an unthinkable amount. They soon became known world, possibly even galactic sector-wide.

They now stand as the richest, sucessfullest, and most pleasing business in The Gammetan Civilization.


Magnu mainly make domestic communication and shielding technology, which is what they are best known for.


Domestic CommunicationEdit


Magnu produce phones to be used in the civilian population of Kortorisa. They produced high technology phones possesing lots of advanced features aimed at people who get a high bonus income.

Ear PiecesEdit

Ear pieces became more and more popular over the growing years of the Magnu Coporation. More and more suggestions were being made by market researching businesses in the coporation, and more were being met, especially Ear Pieces.


Medical equipmentEdit

As Kortorisa IV grew, more Sovereign systems did. And they became almost overpopulated which brung about diseases. A big move in medicine was dependant on the course of these systems and most of them were relying on Kortorisa IV and Magnu. So they incorporated alot of small, medicine producing businesses into their company.

Medicine schoolsEdit

LAM, the primary advertisement business of Magnu, decided to put up advertisements to help the overpopulated worlds for untrained citizens to go to Medicine school and learn how to treat them.


With the help of more businesses, Magnu was able to create the first Kortorisan stable mobile shield generator and disperse it to the civilian and government population

Businesses involvedEdit