Phanus, earlier known as Capatus, is the capital of Kortorisa IV. It is host to the Grand Kortorisan Senate structure, and many other sensational buildings...


Capatus was built straight after the Kortorisans moved planets. They expanded out from this point and onward, and about 2 months later they declared it the capital and renamed it Phanus.


Phanus used to consist of just a grassy plain, with a Stargate. Then the Kortorisans settled and made the plains crowded with beautiful, soaring buildings and iconic, decorated monuments. When they mastered long-term stationary hover/orbit, they built buildings that towered up to heights of 500km.

The ground around Capatus/Phanus is rich with Netroxium, a rich, dense and unstable element. When the Kortorisans settled, they tried to mine some of it, but as soon as it came in to contact with the drill, a massive explosion occured, also releasing a toxic called Netrox Monoxide. It killed instantly in a 30km radius.

Phanus holds about 10% of the worlds population, and covers about 0.75% of the surface.