Sholia VI

The Appearence

Galactic sector

E14 - Arm 9

Solar system



2: Sholia S1, Sholia S2

Surface gravity

1.012 x Standard





Prominent cities






State: Abandoned

Sholia was the second planet to be colonized by the Kortorisans, it was a base of military operations, media and was colonized for strategic position in the War Against the TEC.


For a desert planet, the climate was rather wet, the Kortorisans fealt this could be an exotic holiday destination, and serve as a covert planet against the TEC as it was an unlikely planet to colonize. The frequent rainstorms on forests the jungles caused erosion which uncovered a beautiful crystalline floor that would "wow" the holiday makers. After about 1 day of rain, the grass and plantlife on the surface of the forest that the showers had eroded would grow back at an exceeding rate which was also a beautiful site. Holiday makers would sit for days and watcha seed grow into a fully grow 1 meter plant. The oceans on Scholia VI were open, wide and deep, which served as a great advancement factor for sea structures. It also contained lots of Uranium and strangely, Aluminium which could be processed, refined and sold to many civilizations.

Meduca River FallEdit

The Meduca was a mountain that sloped down softly then had usuriously steep cliffs that had a vast outlet of water every couple of months due to the crust having small water-holes that burrowed upward. When the Meduca outlets, rather than falling down slowly, it bursts upward and causes heavy showers in an approx. 500m radius. The water outlet rate slowly starts to calm and become a water fall, when it hits the bottom it floods the forest below for a couple of weeks, the forest is near to the sea aswell.

Ship factoriesEdit

None any more

Known elementsEdit

  • Aluminium
  • Turbium
  • Nurabum
  • Naquadah
  • Uranium