"Welcome, to the Second Annual BlyDonian Ball!"
– Bly, speaking with his guests.

The BlyDonian Annual Ball is where all the people of the galaxy, and parts of the Universe go for a great party. It was originally supposed to be held on Wednesday, but Bly held it earlier,on Monday.

The Event started with Bly going around to personally invite people to the event. After being repainted in a silvery-blue color, and elegant decorations were put on the Radiant, the Radiant jumped to, and arrived at BlyDonia. Then, C'r, and his two wives arrived, in a Vatraya Transport. Shortly after, a Drakonian Fleet arrived, and Naga Krion and Empress Hitiri Nakamura landed on BlyDonia. A few thousand guests were there, as the butler announced each arrival in the Grand Ballroom. Almost every major Star Wars character was there, and Bly gave a welcome to his guests, before dinner was served.

During Dinner, Wolf spoke with Admiral Ackbar, Crix Madine, Mon Mothma, Han Solo, and Leia Organa Skywalker Solo. Fisto spoke with the Jedi Council, and Drakon danced with his Empress to Ride of the Valkyries. Dessert was then served, and people continued to dance. C'r and his wives were taken to the hospital, because Vat went AFK.

Soon after, a small gang of pirates attempted to rob the ball, however, they were stopped due to most everyone having a weapon. The Empress of Drakonia mowed down most of them. Then, the Radiant launched several missiles, which were fireworks. A few A-22's were launched which had colored trails following them. The Radiant began firing off railguns, which would shoot normal ammunition, but the ammo was in different colors. The ammunition was changed so once it reached several hundred feet, small fireworks would go off. Shortly after, Naga launched several nukes in the air, detonating them high enough so they wouldn't cause damage. Several guests were temporarily blinded, but it was still enjoyable to see.

There were large quantities of alcohol much to the enjoyment of the guests, and to the distaste of Wolf.

Shortly after, the ball ended, and most people stayed on BlyDonia for the night.