Space ForceEdit

The Space Force is made of 5 Kyrbej-Class Dreadnaughts, which carry 250 dropships and 5,000 starfighters, and are escorted by 20 Vinur Battleship , and 2 Karir-Class Battlecruisers. A Karir-Class Battlecruiser carries 150 dropships and 2,500 Starfighters. Vinur-Class Battleships hold 75 dropships, and 500 starfighters, but are usually travelling in groups, and when without a dreadnaught, are escorted 20 by Naast-Class Destroyers, or Me'sen-Class Frigates. Naast-Class Destroyers hold 250 starfighters, and 50 dropships. Me'sen-Class Frigates carry 35 dropships, and 300 starfighters.

There are 5 variations of starfighter.

Sosol Tii Edit

Sosol Tii are capable of attacking enemy capital ship systems, or shooting other starfighters out of space. They are the generic starfighters.

Echoy Edit

Echoy are designed to destroy capital ship main systems and frigates. Echoy do not do well against Sosol Tii or Iviin.

Iviin Edit

Iviin are light fighters that rely on attacking fast and then fleeing back to rest. They are known as the "Echoy's Worst Nightmare."

Bu'kor Edit

Bukor are slow, but launch very fast and accurate tracking missiles. They usually follow Iviin to take out long-range opponents'.

Vinur DropshipEdit

Vinur Dropships are massive, slow, troop transports that are used to carry troops onto a battlefield or enemy ship. They can carry up to 20 soldiers (2 squads) and 5 pilots/gunners. They are equiped to carry a massive bomb that can destroy frigates and cities in one drop. There are two side turrets that are used against enemy soldiers on a battlefield. Vinur Dropships can double as Gunships.

Vinur War Droid Edit

Although not techinically starfighters, Vinur War Droids can be used as starfighters by being launched from capital dreadnaughts or battleships and being controlled by their pilots to land on an enemy vessel and take out weapon systems in that manner. War Droid pilots are required to wear special breath mask, due to being in null-gravity and null-oxygen battlesituations.

Prototype DesignsEdit

The T'ad T'ad Space Fleet is currently working on many prototypes that will be used as DEFENSIVE warfare...

Nolon ShipsEdit

Despite a captured Nolon ship being 45km, we have dismantled all weapon systems, making it legal in The Appearance.

Shield BarriersEdit

Best served as blockade tools, these things will range in size from 1km to 100km and beyond. They are not armed, for they are only giant chunks of metal that are piloted by a single (sometimes suicidal) pilot, and are only equiped with engines and shield generators. They are designed for other ships to hide behind/between to create the illusion of a massive blockade, even though there may be only 2 capital ships.