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Teredona I

The Appearence

Galactic sector


Solar system




Surface gravity

4.5 x Earth's


Ash-Dust, Worsening

Population 20,909,023
Prominent cities

Mining World

  • Electrical Power
  • Turbium, Lots of turbium
  • Exoduum
  • Aluminium

Teredona I is the first planet in the Teredona system. It possesses abundant deposits of Turbium, a material which the Gammetans and Techians use frequently for hull and power supplies. Thus, it has been contested on more than one occasion.


Teredona I's surface is almost entirely composed or relatively rocky flatland, with the minor (under 1%) of grass patch, and almost no significant geographical inconsistencies such as mountains or craters.

Turbium has three minimal water bodies.

Map-Teredona I-full

A map of Teredona I, distinguishing land (grey) from sea (white).
The big black dot is the main base
The big green dot is the auxillery base
The small red dots are other military bases
The blue dashed lines are the primary Turbium trade routes
The blue semi circles are shield generators (which in total encompass the planet)

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