Type of Document

Law Act

Winning voter amount


Total Voters


Origonal Proposer

Kortorisan Supreme Chancellor

The Stable War act

New laws during war time.



Finishing Date



Kortorisa IV


Kortorisan Senate

Accepted Terms
  • The Supreme Chancellor has allowance to reduce power output to civilian population by 50% in order for increased defenses
  • The Supreme Chancellor has allowance to take control of an industry in order for optimal manugacture/servicing.
    • No workership changes
    • No economic changes
    • Yes production goods changes
      • Amounts
      • Service/Goods themselves
  • The Supreme Chancellor has allowance to make decisions effecting any range of diplomatic relations between any war candidates without voting during war time only.
    • Exclusion to those coming under Kortorisan rule
    • Exclusion to those coming under TEC/enemy rule.
  • The Supreme Chancellor has allowance to ajust captured world's properties
    • No slave labour
    • No abolishing/editing the Kortorisan Rights act in order to treat captured civilians alternatively to Kortorisans
    • Yes economic changes; any.
"I fear that the Republic's devotion to democracy has been slightly...Over exaggerated..."
Kortoris talking to a fellow party member during a special session of congress

The Stable War act was an act introduced by the supreme chancellor in order for more dictatorship during the late-mid stages of the war. Many people fealt this was another factor boosting the anti-warmonger campaign. However it is unproven as of yet.