The Trade Emergency Coalition

2009 +

Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
Flag of Techia
Location of Techia
Other titles

Trade Emergency Coalition

Official name

The Democratic Imperial Trade Coalition

Short name Techia

TEC, Tech, Techian (tesh-yan) (official)


Galactic Basic Standard

Population 184,337,573,027
Capital planet


Controlled planets

National holdings:
Potecon (capital)
National empire: 27 planets

Religious policies

Free religion


Minor folk religions (<1%)

State religion (unforced)



Absolute imperial democratic parliamentary republic

National Leader
Taonus Gratus 2009/09 — 2011/03
– Yiin Cartunas 2011/03 +

Free market



Air force

Techian Air Force


Techian Army


Techian Navy

Other military units

Techian Stealth Force

Eras Pre-Creation era, Creation era
- Kortorisan-TEC war 2009/11/04—2010/01/15
- KBY-TEC war 2010/01/20—2010/01/26
TEC Leader

Taonus Gratus, former leader and founder of the Trade Emergency Coalition

The Trade Emergency Coalition, officially the Democratic Imperial Trade Coalition, abbreviated to TEC or ITEC as Imperial Trade Emergency Coalition, simply Techia from the demonym Techian, is a multi-planet, super power, imperial-democratic civilization in the core of the Appearence. The civilization has the fourth largest population in the known universe, all of them being human. Its super power status comes from its successful and increadibly quick unification of over 30 planets within a short amount of time from 2009 to 2010, though now it is considered one because of its unique technology and large, developed civilization. Galactic Basic Standard is the langauge spoken primarily by the majority of its 184-billion population.

The Techians control 32 planets, overall. They directly administer five of them, which were their original settlements, under the national holdings, and the other 27 are gains held under their national empire. People in the national holdings only are able to vote in the democratic elections which occur every one and a half years, though migration between holdings and empire is not restricted.

Because of its agressive actions during its rapid expansion, and hence its large power, it has often been the target of anti-imperialism. It has also notable sided with other imperial, albeit less liberal, civilizations, such as the early Jankan Empire, which lead to the founding of the Appearence Imperial League. The BlyDonian Civilization, being the most powerful anti-imperial civilization, is often seen as a direct enemy to Techia, though they have managed to sustain relatively friendly, however oscillating, relations.

Recent historyEdit

Their space force has recently been upgraded to house a small amount of increadibly powerful, however indiverse, vessles. All ships have been upgraded with weapons that go from 4 times as powerful, to 100 times as powerful, making their military one of the powerfullest.

On the 24th of January 2011, the Techians started the Appearence Imperial League, a tight coalition of Empires including TEC's imperial allies that assist each other improve their economies, technologies, militaries and assist in situations if need be.

On 22nd March 2011, the Reformist party won the general elections with a 19% majority, with the Sechen Conservatives coming second with 17%. Yiin Cartunas has replaced Taonus Gratus as National Leader. He plans to improve the economy using left-wing stratergies and has a long-term proposal that will eventually see the National Empire merged with the National Holdings.

Government and politicsEdit

Techia has democratic representation government where the leader of the political party with the most civilian votes would rule the government and state. A vote is held every one and a half years to decide on the leading political party of a nation, and if the leader of a party gets replaced during his term, he stays in power until the next election, where if his party stays in power, the new leader replaces the old one. Id est if the Sechen conservative party held power in the election, Soscian Akapath would become National leader, even though Taonus Gratus is from that party and currently in power.

The same party is allowed to serve a maximum of six terms (9 years), whereas a party leader is only allowed to serve a maximum of three terms (4.5 years). After this time, the political party with the highest majority vote and the default government type disregarding the current party in power would be put in to power.

Political partiesEdit

There are currently 12 parties. The Reformist party is in power, lead by Yiin Cartunas.

Where Default is under type, the party supports democratic representation.

Name Spectrum width Type Leader Early 2011 polls Mid 2011 polls
Holy Blue party 100% left Monocratic and theocratic egalitarianism (Olan) Beach Le Fei 4% 2% (-2)
Hollius Techanus party 90% left Unitary unconstituted democracy Helinsk Highnus 2% 0% (-2)
Reformist party 30% left Default Yiin Cartunas 24% 25% (+1)
Hetrodian party 10% left Default (less constituted) Hargon Anslich 12% 14% (+2)
Absolute Sent party center Unconstituted democratic representation Bertal Ophinox 7% 5% (-2)
Central independance party 10% right Default Trino Poltiux 15% 17% (+2)
Sechen conservative party 25% right Default (less constituted) Soscian Akapath 8% 9% (+1)
Techian Glory party 50% right Default Armus Panakas 11% 15% (+4)
Litera party 70% right Constitutional and hereditary monarchy Anshull Rayus 3% 1% (-2)
Berelem independance party 85% right Default (federal) N/A (multiple) 12% 7% (-5)
Simpa Theis party 100% right Unconstituted democratic theocracy (Olan) Braediko Omav 1% 4% (+3)
Totalis Techanis party 100% right Unconstituted monocracy Heidro Muusolinna 1% 1% (0)


Main article: Techian Military

The Techain military has been increasing in power and professionality over the past few months in order to put more people in to work instead of defending something which needs not be defended. Their recent increase in weapon ability has also worked toward this end, as they'de need even less to fend off civilizations from their empire.

The Military is split in to four sections, or as they call them "mediums".