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"Awww, whadda shame!"
Bly upon seeing most of his fleet decimated

Bly's fleet had just returned from a large secret mission, in which the entire fleet returned. The Pride of BlyDonia, and the Bly Machine had finished refueling over the large refuel-platform, when a massive explosion took out the rest of the fleet. The BlyDonia (The ship) managed to manuever away, heavily damaged. The Pride of BlyDonia, and Bly Machine had managed to orbit the planet before it happened, and were unharmed.

This tragedy also destroyed half of the army, leaving only about 25 Million droids remaining.

Afterwards, Bly recieved a Lucrehulk Class Droid Control Ship from the Trade Federation, which was under Nute Gunray's control.

Bly's Fleet after:

1 Droid Control Ship

1 Bly Machine

1 Pride of BlyDonia

Bly gave the BlyDonia to Kortorisa IV.