Vinur Battleship

Ehn Industries


Battleship, Carrier

Length 1,052m
Width 525m
Height 615m


Hull Reinforced Durasteel

NTE Sensor System

Targeting system

NTE Targeting System


Navicomputer Equiped

Other systems

Prototype T'ad Systems


NTE Power Generator

  • Vinur War Droids
  • Starfighters (500)
  • Transports (75)

8,000 (soldiers)



The Vinur Battleship has been used as the primary transport and battleship for the Naasad T'ad T'ad Ehn Republic.


(For those of you who don't know, Deck 01, 02 ect are above the hangar, Deck 1, 2, ect. are below the hangar).

Deck 4Edit

On Deck 4 is the primary management area of the ship. Only technicians and the Captain are allowed here. Rumors are that the T'ad T'ad carry secret weapons in these massive hulls too.

Deck 3Edit

Deck 3 is a catwalk that goes over the management area.

Deck 2Edit

Deck 2 is another maze of catwalks inside the hull of the ship. Some turrets are positioned on this level

Deck 1Edit

On Deck 1 are the main gun turrets, the engineer's barracks, storage, and droid maintennace compartments.

Deck 01Edit

On Deck 01 are the main 82 hangar bays. The Starboard hangars hold the starfighters, while the Port hangars hold the war droids and dropships.

Deck 02Edit

On Deck 02 are the 40 amories and the 35 training compartments. Training compartments can be used to improve a soldier's aim, hand-to-hand combat, or even used as mock campaign missions.

Deck 03Edit

On Deck 03 are the soldier's and higher level crew member's barracks. There are Five wards, and each ward is divided into two sections (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, ect). For each ward, there is a separate mess hall, and 2 lifts.

Deck 04Edit

On Deck 04 are the Captain's and Pilot's Barracks. The Command Bridge is here also.