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The Appearence galaxy, the location of most role plays on this wiki.


The WBVDKT Wiki is a wiki-encyclopaedia dedicated to documenting events and other aspects of a role-play, called the WBVDKT role-play. WBVDKT itself stands for Wolf Bly Vat Drakon Kris Tourny, the original members of the role-play. However, some members have left, and others joined. The role-play is chat-based: We use Xfire, an instant-messaging service optimized for use while gaming. We have a chat room for the community, Tournytime, and one for the role play, the Appearance Realm, sometimes abbreviated TAR and incorrectly appended to "the".

This role-play is centered around the Appearence galaxy, which is inside the Appearance universe, the only lexical difference between the two being the "a" from Appearance (universe) and "e" from Apeparence (galaxy). More specifically, the core of the galaxy is the commonplace for role-playing. The role-playing is often science-fiction in nature, with the majority of civilizations being technologically advanced enough to be inter-planetary.

International politics is a common method of role-playing, with intergovernmental organizations being the main medium. Character-based role-plays are also, recently, becoming more prioritized.

User:Wolf802 founded the wiki on December 19, 2009, in order to facilitate, document and properly establish the frequent bursts of role playing we did, and still do, in our Xfire chat room, Tournytime, though nowadays, we role play in a dedicated Xfire chat room, The Appearance Realm. Since then, the wiki has grown in to an almost fully established database of knowledge, documenting all but a few details of the content of our role plays.


As of May 15, 2015, the RPG is officially paused. The exact date the RPG was paused is ambiguous; events in the Liberalism war are narrated up to June 2013 but we stopped RPGing quite a long time before that, Capita Council meeting spreadsheets go up to July 17, 2013, and but history of Capita Council meetings says there was a meeting on September 17, 2013. So, for reference purposes and to just be safe, assume the RPGs events are only narrated up to May 31, 2015. All pages can be edited as normal, but without a large amount of approval don't create new events past this point. For changing events before that point, if it only affects your canon feel free, but if it affects other peoples' make sure you have their approval. These aren't rules but just be considerate if you want to change existing events. Try to tell someone about it and give them a chance to dispute it.

Ongoing events

As of the RPG's end

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If you're interested in joining the wiki for editing purposes, feel free to create an account, or edit anonymously.

If, however, you're interested in joining the role-play, please download Slack, contact one of us for an invite to the group, and we will be happy to guide you through joining. It is recommended that you read some of our main articles to get a feel for what this role-play is about, and, before making major edits, reading our policies and guidelines.


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